Hoshizaki Flake ice machine FM-80KE Hoshizaki

Hoshizaki Flake ice machine FM-80KE
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Air cooled, flake ice

The Hoshizaki FM machines make flake or nugget ice for a large number of purposes. As a result, they are very popular with hospitality companies, cocktail bars and a number of large European supermarket chains, but also in the medical world and healthcare. The ice is compressed during production, so that it melts less quickly. With the ice produced by Hoshizaki ice machines, the "freeze fire" phenomenon does not occur when presenting fresh fish or other products.

Flake ice: consists of 70% ice and 30% water. This is used in particular for cooling purposes. For example, in the medical sector, flake ice is used to cool blood and organs; in the fish industry it is used for cooling, transporting and storing fish.

Hoshizaki ice machines in this series can be converted into flake or nugget ice in a relatively cheap way, making them considerably more flexible than other machines on the market.

Carbon worm bearings are used in this series, a very robust alternative to roller bearings. This increases the life of your machine and you save on maintenance costs. The worm and the evaporator are made of high-quality stainless steel and that also increases the service life of these parts, so that your machine lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

Environmentally friendly ice makers:
Hydrocarbons (KW) are naturally occurring compounds that have proven to be the most climate-friendly and cost-effective cooling agents for heating, cooling and freezing. According to Hoshizaki, hydrocarbons will play an important role in the future of refrigeration technology and the company is taking the lead in the production of environmentally friendly ice machines. This means that the energy consumption with the application of ice machines with hydrocarbon decreases by as much as 20% per unit, so that CO2 emissions from energy suppliers are lower and you save on operating costs. In addition, the units in the FM series use CO2 foam insulation without HFC for further savings in operating costs. This keeps the temperature of the unit constant and that also contributes to a reduction in direct greenhouse gas emissions.

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Type of coolingair cooled
Storage compartmentinternal bunker
Type of iceflake ice (wet)
Water dispenser
Cooling agentR 134a
Weight65 kg
Ice cubes suitable forRestaurant, Hotel
Warranty2 jaar
Warranty typeOn-site warranty
Ice production capacity85 kg/24u
Storage bin capacity26 kg
Width640 mm
Depth600 mm
Height800 mm
Material exteriorStainless steel
Voltage230 V
Wattage300 W

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Hoshizaki Flake ice machine FM-80KE

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