Warranty conditions Scotsman

We provide a warranty on Scotsman devices purchased after 01-01-2019 according to the following conditions:

Subject to conditions 2 to 16, we will remedy defects in the device free of charge that become apparent within the warranty period as stated above from the date of delivery to the end user. This manufacturer's warranty applies without prejudice to the rights you have under the law. Parts are covered by an extended warranty as stated above on repair or replacement by one of our service technicians, excluding the call-out costs and the hourly wage of the service technician.

The guarantee performance means that the device is returned free of charge to the condition it was in before the defect occurred. Defective parts are repaired or replaced. Parts replaced free of charge or at a discounted price will become our property and will be disposed of responsibly by the technician.

The defect must be reported immediately to prevent possible further damage.

The warranty does not cover minor deviations from the stated quality that are insignificant to the value and reliability of the device.

The user must prove the date of purchase by means of proof of purchase. If it has not been imported by Buram Electro BV, the user will have to turn to his supplier for the warranty compensation.

The warranty applies to parts as well as labor costs and call-out costs.

The warranty is only valid if the device is used in accordance with the instructions in the manual and for the purpose for which the device was produced.

Excluded from the warranty are loose plastic parts or accessories, grids and all damage by the user or third parties. Also excluded are defects due to transport damage that arose outside our responsibility, malfunctions as a result of installation errors, improper use, intent or gross negligence, incorrect use, defective maintenance, failure to observe the operating or assembly instructions or unauthorized changes to the device. . The warranty also does not apply to damage caused by:

  1. chemical and electrochemical action of water
  2. abnormal environmental conditions in general
  3. improper operating conditions for the device
  4. contact with aggressive substances

If the appliance is built in, underneath, suspended or placed in such a way that the time required for installation and removal together exceeds 30 minutes, the additional costs resulting from this will be charged to the user. Damage caused by abnormal installation or removal will be borne by the user.

Buram Electro BV does not reimburse the costs of repairs that have not been carried out by the Technical Service of Buram Electro BV or on its behalf. Buram Electro BV is also not liable for consequential damage arising directly or indirectly from a malfunction.

The right to warranty and product liability lapses if the defect was caused by repairs or interventions by third parties who are not authorized or expert, or if the device was fitted with accessories or parts that are not original and thus cause a defect. The said parts are furthermore guaranteed by Buram Electro BV with regard to safety marks and regulations.

If during the warranty period an incorrect appeal is made to the Technical Service, the costs thereof will be charged to the user, according to the then applicable rates. This is the case if the description of the fault by the user does not lead to the determination of a defect or defect.

We give a 12-month warranty under normal use on every repair carried out and paid for.

The user can invoke this warranty if the first defect, for which the repair took place, recurs within the extended warranty period. This warranty includes carrying out a renewed repair completely free of charge. When invoking the warranty on the repair, the consumer must provide the technician with the itemized invoice for the previous repair upon request.

A repair during the warranty period does not extend the duration of the warranty. If the device cannot be repaired by Buram Electro BV, the device will be exchanged for a new, comparable one. Buram Electro BV reserves the right to charge a reasonable user fee for the period of use enjoyed until then.

Buram Electro BV declares to handle repairs to Scotsman appliances in a lenient manner, even after the warranty period, if, in the opinion of its Technical Service, this is desirable or necessary, in accordance with the minimum repair conditions agreed in consultation with consumer organizations. and the related articles in the Civil Code.

Further or other rights, in particular compensation for damage occurring outside the device, are excluded, insofar as liability is not established by law. In case of liability, compensation will not exceed the purchase value of the device. These warranty conditions apply to appliances purchased in the Netherlands. If a device is brought abroad, the user must check whether the device complies with the technical conditions (including voltage, frequency, installation regulations, gas type, climate conditions) in the country concerned. In the event of a defect abroad, you should contact the local Scotsman service organization. For devices purchased abroad, the user must verify the regulations in the Netherlands. Necessary or desired adjustments are not covered by the warranty, and cannot always be made.



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