Subsidy Medicine refrigerator

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has made a reservation of a total of € 600,000 to compensate for the purchase of additional cooling capacity. A maximum of € 300 per practice will be available for the purchase or rental of a medical refrigerator or logger. These must meet the quality requirements as stated in the quality requirements for the storage of pneumococcal vaccines. When entering the declaration of the vaccines, (part of) these costs can be declared, whereby an original invoice must be submitted as evidence. Obviously, no more can be claimed than stated on the invoice. If more than 2,000 practices make use of the established allowance, the maximum amount per practice will be reduced.

For example:

  • 2,000 practices receive € 300 per practice. In total € 600,000
  • 3,000 practices receive € 200 per practice. In total € 600,000

You do not need to register specifically for this scheme. Each practice will be given the opportunity to make use of this during the declaration. To be able to estimate whether you have sufficient cooling capacity in the practice, you can check here how much cooling volume you will need.

A HAT from several practices, each with its own AGB code, can jointly purchase a medical refrigerator. Each individual practice must request a partial invoice for this, which can later be submitted with the invoice. Here too, a maximum of € 300 subsidy applies per partial invoice.



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