Conditions Full Service Delivery

  • Service applies only within the Netherlands
  • This only concerns the delivery, installation and connection of the device, not any additional accessories
  • An old appliance will only be disposed of if it has dimensions and weight comparable to that of the new appliance
  • The buyer must ensure that the floor is leveled before installation.
  • Chopping and breaking work are excluded
  • NV is not responsible for any damage caused by incorrectly installed electricity cables
  • Buyer guarantees that the devices can be transported through existing passageways without modification
  • Access and passage to the installation area must be cleared in advance
  • If there is no fixed or moving lift present on a floor, delivery will not take place. The lift must be able to transport the equipment without modifications
  • In situations deviating from the above, additional costs related to this placement will be passed on to the seller on the basis of subsequent calculation.
  • Buyer accepts payment of any additional costs related to this placement, even if no one is present at the delivery address on the day and time agreed with the carrier or placement cannot take place in any other way
  • Delivery day in consultation with buyer and planning department.
  • Order must be placed at least 5 working days before delivery
  • The carrier will contact the buyer to make an appointment.



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