Scotsman ice cream maker, air-cooled, AF 80 AS LAB Scotsman

Scotsman ice cream maker, air-cooled, AF 80 AS LAB Scotsman ice cream maker, air-cooled, AF 80 AS LAB
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This electronically controlled ice cream maker with stainless steel exterior produces up to 70 kg of flake ice. The ice made from demineralised water is extremely suitable for applications in a chemical or biological laboratory. The device has self-diagnostic functions that provide early warning and rapid diagnosis. Air supply and exhaust run through the front, making the device suitable for intermediate mounting. Easy to maintain. This model has a bunker with a capacity of 25 kg.

Ice cream scoop always at hand

The internal scoop holder gives the ice cream scoop a permanent place. Searching for the ice cream scoop is therefore a thing of the past.

No waste of water, energy and time

The water in / ice by principle means that the ice is produced in a very efficient manner, whereby all the water is converted into ice with minimal energy.


Proper maintenance is vital for a longer life. Then it is good to know that this ice machine is quick and easy to clean.

Consistently high quality of the ice

Thanks to the electronic control, the quality of the ice remains the same under all circumstances. This also applies to a change in the ambient or water temperature.


This ice machine has no air supply and discharge on both sides, so it can be placed as efficiently as possible.

Suitable for placement under a worktop

The air inlet and outlet is through the front, allowing the appliance to be placed under a worktop.

24/7 protection against bacteria growth and odors

Agion makes the ice cream machine cleaner and more durable. All plastic parts are equipped with an Agion protection layer that prevents the growth of microorganisms and prevents unpleasant odors.

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Type of coolingair cooled
Storage compartmentinternal bunker
Weight50 kg
Warranty2 jaar
EAN code8717545651957
Ice production capacity70 kg/24u
Storage bin capacity25 kg
Width535 mm
Depth620 mm
Height797 mm
Environmental requirements
Ambient temperature10 ° C - 43 ° C
Water supply temperature5 ° C - 38 ° C
Wattage340 W
Water consumption2.2 liter/uur

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Scotsman ice cream maker, air-cooled, AF 80 AS LAB

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