Fermostock 6611 - 3 floors - 1950x360x2135 mm (WxDxH) Fermostock

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Fermostock racking (6611)
The best racking for, among other things, cold stores, freezer rooms, (rinsing) kitchens, HACCP storage rooms!

These anodized aluminum racks from Fermostock have height-adjustable beams and are equipped with removable gray plastic shelves, which can be easily cleaned in any dishwasher. The racking has a high bearing capacity! It is HACCP-proof and possibly the best racking currently available on the market. It meets the strictest requirements in terms of durability and robustness and meets all standards regarding hygiene and cleaning conditions (NF031). Thanks to the rounded corners and flat surfaces, FERMOSTOCK racks enjoy even the toughest quality mark: the NF food hygiene label issued by AFAQ-AFNOR CERTIFICATION on 01/10/1993 (test lab Cnerpac; n ° 06-A-644/645). In addition, the FERMOSTOCK racks are also very attractively priced.
Dimensions : 1950 x360x2135 mm. (bxdxh)
Consisting of : 3 uprights and 3 floors ; equipped with removable plastic shelves
• Square tubular profile 27 x 27 mm.
• Distance between the fixing points: 150 mm
• Lower rung at 140 mm from the floor
• Upper rung at 10 mm from the top
• Stainless steel bolts
• Plastic caps are provided at the top
• Plastic feet at the bottom
• Anodized aluminum
• Profile 12/10, 50x22 mm
• Depth 360 mm.
• Depth 360 mm
• Perforations: round, Ø 40 mm
• Easily removable and washable in the dishwasher
• In this racking it is also possible (partly) to remove the shelves and to hang various sizes of Gastronorm containers here.

• 100% food-compatible (corrosion-free) and equipped with removable shelves.
• Easy assembly without tools
• Free-standing arrangement with accessibility on each side and in all corners
• Floors every 150 mm. adjustable
• Easily movable or removable and washable (hygiene)
• Modular construction (this allows an optimal layout of the available space)
• Heavy load capacity per floor / maximum load
• Numerous flexible and optimal set-up options (in I, L, T, U, E, etc.)
The Fermostock 6611 rack offers all qualities that are recommended for:
• cooling and / or freezer cells up to -30 ° C
• industrial kitchens
• laboratories
• hospitals
• dry storage areas for food
• rinsing kitchens
• etc. etc.
The basic rack is made up of a modular structure of 2 uprights and a selectable number of levels, consisting of sleepers and shelves. The uprights are provided with the necessary mounting holes in which conical hook-in carriers (a Fermod patent) can be attached. These hook-in carriers, which can be attached to the post at various heights, consist of an extremely resistant alloy. The sleepers, which are available in different standard lengths, can then simply be pressed onto the hook-in carriers. Finally, the maintenance-friendly plastic shelves will be placed between these sleepers. These are suitable for temperatures up to –30 ° C.
The extension rack consists of one upright and again a selectable number of levels. You can always connect 2 extension racks with a basic rack. To make add-on connections at an angle of 90 ° (L, U, E or T arrangement), use is made of aluminum corner connectors that are slid over the sleepers of the basic rack.
Thanks to the conical hook-in carriers (patent), the racking racks can be mounted quickly, efficiently and without tools by a single person.
When mounting in a corner, the corner connections can be used, so that the corner remains open and there is no stand in the way. These special corner connections can withstand the same load as a standard.

Extra options

  • Set of 6 wheels

    + € 210,00
Label holder
  • Movable label holder

    + € 6,05
Retention Bins - Module A
  • Fermostock retention tray - 430x300x100 - Module A

    + € 45,00
Retention Bins - Module B
  • Fermostock retention tray - 430x420x100 - Module B

    + € 73,00
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Warranty1 jaar
Warranty typePick-up & return
Width1950 mm
Depth360 mm
Height2135 mm
Number of levels3

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Fermostock 6611 - 3 floors - 1950x360x2135 mm (WxDxH)

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