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When registering for the security certificate, Buram Electro BV processes the personal data that you provide to us yourself. This information is used exclusively for our service provision. Your personal data will not be provided to third parties.

Buram Electro BV takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized changes.

You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data. You can send a request for access, correction or deletion to

Professional cooling and freezing appliances (other than appliances for household use and wine storage or wine climate cabinets) supplied by Buram Electro BV are - provided the end user has registered via the website within 6 months after purchase - and on presentation of the original, itemized purchase invoice in the second to fifth year after purchase, additional security is offered. The commencement date of the additional security is determined by the delivery date stated on the delivery invoice of the relevant selling agency. If the serial number in the device does not match the registered serial number, no additional assurance can be claimed.

The extra security is not transferable to the next owner and does not apply to rental to third parties. In the unlikely event of repair during the period of additional security, you will not be charged for parts and labor costs. You only pay the call-out charges applicable at that time per device.

The extra security is only valid if the device is used in accordance with the instructions as indicated in the manual and for the purpose for which the device was produced. The extra security does not include: broken glass, lighting, door seals, loose plastic parts or accessories, wire baskets and grids, accumulators and batteries and all damage caused by the user or third parties. Also excluded are faults as a result of installation errors, lack of sufficient aeration and deaeration, improper use, use of acids and chemicals, intent or gross negligence and unauthorized changes to the device.

Buram Electro BV does not reimburse the costs of repairs that have not been carried out by the Technical Service of Buram Electro BV or on its behalf. Buram Electro BV is also not liable for consequential damage resulting directly or indirectly from a malfunction. You can only claim the extra security for repairs within the Netherlands. If the Technical Service is wrongly called on, call-out costs and wages will be charged to the user, according to the rates applicable at that time. This is the case if the description of the nature of the fault by the user does not lead to the determination of a defect or defect.

A repair during the term of the extra guarantee does not extend the duration of this extra guarantee period.



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