Hoshizaki Nugget Ice Cream Machine FM-150 AKE-HCN-SB Hoshizaki

Hoshizaki Nugget Ice Cream Machine FM-150 AKE-HCN-SB Hoshizaki Nugget Ice Cream Machine FM-150 AKE-HCN-SB
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  • Efficient ice production process thanks to the unique Hoshizaki FM worm bearing system.
  • All the water in the machine is used, so that the water consumption is equal to the ice production.
  • The worm bearing is made of double hardened stainless steel. Due to the combination with carbon bearings, they work optimally in a demanding and moist environment. Advantages include: longer product life and lower maintenance costs.
  • Hoshizaki ice machines are controlled by microcomputers that ensure that the ice production process performs optimally under various conditions, without manual adjustment.
  • High-quality stainless steel worm bearings and evaporators increase the service life of these components and the ice machine as a whole, which means that less expensive maintenance is required.
  • Because the air filter is easy to clean, end users can carry out the periodic maintenance themselves, which extends the life of the product and reduces the frequency and costs of maintenance.

Extra options

Storage bunker (Please choose)
  • Without storage bunker

    + € 0,00
  • B-140SA (capacity 144 kg) net

    + € 1.299,00
  • B-210SA (capacity 217 kg) + topkit TK8D net

    + € 1.950,00
  • B-340SA (capacity 348 kg) + topkit TK8D + TK18D net

    + € 2.475,00
Hoshizaki Water Filter
  • Hoshizaki water filter 4HC-H SINGLE with installation kit

    + € 183,00
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Type of coolingair cooled
Storage compartmentexternal bunker
Type of icenugget ice
Water dispenser
Cooling agentR 290 (propane)
Weight70 kg
Ice cubes suitable forHotel, Restaurant
Warranty2 jaar
Warranty typeOn-site warranty
Ice production capacity150 kg/24u
Width560 mm
Depth700 mm
Height780 mm
Material exteriorStainless steel
Voltage230 V
Wattage405 W

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Hoshizaki Nugget Ice Cream Machine FM-150 AKE-HCN-SB

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