Liebherr LGT 2325 MediLine chest freezer - 200 liters Liebherr

Liebherr LGT 2325 MediLine chest freezer - 200 liters Liebherr LGT 2325 MediLine chest freezer - 200 liters Liebherr LGT 2325 MediLine chest freezer - 200 liters Liebherr LGT 2325 MediLine chest freezer - 200 liters Liebherr LGT 2325 MediLine chest freezer - 200 liters Liebherr LGT 2325 MediLine chest freezer - 200 liters Liebherr LGT 2325 MediLine chest freezer - 200 liters
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LGT 3725-43
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Energy consumption

When just cold isn't enough

The Liebherr LGT 2325 Mediline freezer offers more than 200 liters of content with a temperature range of -10 ° C to -45 ° C. The freezing temperature is digitally displayed to an accuracy of 0.1 ° C and the time, date and temperature are recorded exactly every 2 minutes.

Temperature stability IEC 60068-3

All Liebherr laboratory refrigerators and freezers are tested in the modern Liebherr Research & Development center according to the IEC 60068-3 procedure for measuring temperature stability.

Additional temperature control possible.

An opening (Ø 7.6 mm) is provided at the top of the interior, which offers the option of feeding through an external temperature sensor or another measuring connection.

Alarm on demand.

An optical and acoustic temperature alarm warns of an unwanted temperature change of 2K. The alarm limit can be adjusted if necessary.

Extremely accurate temperature.

The laboratory devices with Profi electronics have 1-point calibration for extremely precise temperature control. This allows compensation between the set and the actual interior temperature. The correction value to be set can be changed in steps of 0.1 ° C.

A good memory for temperatures.

The minimum and maximum indoor temperatures are stored and can be read out at any time over a period of 41 days.

Remote monitoring.

The relay contact can be connected to a central logging or alarm system that can alert security personnel or caretaker, for example, outside working hours. Warnings with optical or acoustic alarm are possible.

Audible warning in case of failure.

When the temperature rises above the set value, you will be warned by an acoustic signal.

Standard information:

  • Housing: White
  • Door color: White
  • Door / lid material: Steel
  • Gross volume total: 215 l
  • Net content total: 201 l
  • Gross content of freezer section: 215 l
  • Net contents of the freezer section: 201 l
  • Energy consumption per year: 823 kWh
  • Energy consumption per day: 2,256 kWh
  • Energy costs per year: € 189
  • Noise level: 55 dB (A)
  • Climate class: 4
  • Suitable for unheated space: No.
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures from: + 10 ° C to 30 ° C
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • Voltage: 220-240 V ~
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Connection value: 2.0 A.
  • Heat output in kJ / h: 155 kj / h
  • Number of compressors: 1


  • Height: 905 mm
  • Width: 1139 mm
  • Depth (incl. Wall distance): 738 mm
  • Interior height: 630 mm
  • Interior width: 889 mm
  • Interior depth: 410 mm
  • Cryo container capacity (h 604): 8
  • Cryo container capacity (h 222): 2
  • Cryo Box Capacity: 96
  • Max height Cryo container: 650 mm
  • Max height Cryo container above compressor: 375 mm
  • Net weight: 58 kg
  • Gross weight: 68 kg
  • Package height: 1025 mm
  • Package width: 1212 mm
  • Packaging depth: 802 mm


  • Freezing system: Static
  • Defrosting system freezer compartment: Manual defrosting
  • Freezing temperature range: -10 ° C to -45 ° C
  • Maximum fluctuation of the freezer section: 1.9 ° C
  • Maximum gradient freezer section: 4.7 ° C
  • Max number of baskets: 10
  • Freezer compartment lighting: LED lighting
  • Balance cover: Yes
  • Defrost water drainage: Yes

Other characteristics:

  • Handle: Aluminum profile handle
  • Length of connection cable: 280 cm
  • Display: Digital temperature display
  • Type of control panel: Push button
  • Temperature alarm: Optical and audible temperature alarm
  • Power failure alarm: at end of power failure
  • Temperature sensor feedthrough: Yes
  • Finally: Yes
  • Interior material: Aluminum, white coated
  • Height adjustable feet: 4
  • Calibration: 1 point calibration
  • Save MIN / MAX temperatures: Yes
  • Alarm limits adjustable: Yes
  • Registration of alarms: Yes
  • Interface: RS 485
  • Potential-free contact: Yes
  • Heated walls: Yes

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Type of coolingfreezer
Cooling systemstatic
Modelstanding model
Temperature range-10 ° C to -45 ° C
Automatic defrost
Cooling agentR 290 (propane)
Weight68 kg
Noise55 dB(A)
Type of lidhinged lid
Climate class4
Suitable for ambient temperature of:+ 10 ° C to + 30 ° C °C
Suitable for unheated space
Heat output in kJ / h:260 kj/h
Number of compressors:1
Can be placed against a wall
Warranty1 + 4 Years, after registration
Warranty typeOn-site warranty
EAN code9005382230893
Width1379 mm
Depth787 mm
Height i905 mm
Inner width1170 mm
Inner depth500 mm
Inner height650 mm
Net capacity332 liter
Gross capacity350 liter
Maximum number of baskets13
Material exteriorsteel
Material interiorAluminum, white coated
Material doorsteel
Color housingwhite
Medicine cabinet data
Defrost water container:Manual emptying
Explosion proof: i
DIN 58345 i
DIN 13221
Save MIN / MAX temperatures
Alarm limits adjustable
Registration of alarms
Voltage230 V
Wattage2928 W
Energy consumption per year1069 kWh
Energy costs per year245,87 euro

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Liebherr LGT 2325 MediLine chest freezer - 200 liters

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